University of Kent
Contact: Professor Julien Forder
The study is being led by Professor Julien Forder at the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent at Canterbury. Since 1974 the PSSRU has undertaken high-quality, independent research in social and health care, which has had an important influence on theory, and policy development and reform in England and elsewhere.


London School of Economics and Political Science
Contact: Juliette Malley
PSSRU at LSE carries out policy analysis, research and consultancy in the UK and abroad. The Unit’s current research programme focuses on needs, resources and outcomes in social and health care, with particular emphasis on economic aspects of community care, residential and nursing home provision, social care markets and commissioning, long-term care finance, and mental health policy. The PSSRU has long had close and productive links with policy makers in the UK and elsewhere.


Vienna University of Economics and Business
Contact: Dr Birgit Trukeschitz
WUW is the EU’s largest educational institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. The Research Institute for Economics of Ageing was founded in 2006 to contribute to the understanding of socio-economic living conditions of older people and the economic challenges of ageing societies. In recent years, research has been conducted on outcome measurement of long-term care (LTC), focusing on quality-of-life effects, reconciling work and family care, and effects of assistive technologies on older people’s well-being. Furthermore, research deals with projections of LTC costs as well as non-profit service provision and volunteering.


National Institute for Health and Welfare
Contact: Professor Ismo Linnosmaa
National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) is a research and development institute operating under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland. THL studies population health and welfare, effectiveness of health and welfare policies as well as environmental health and social problems. As a statutory statistical authority in health and welfare, THL collects and produces information on health, welfare and social and health services. In addition, THL develops social and health care and provides policy advice and expert assistance to decision-makers and service providers in Finland and abroad. THL’s expertise draws on high-quality research, reliable data and knowledge of health, welfare and the health and social care system.


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